Coldie air conditioned cooling cartridge is an alternative to the water cooled system.

This cartridge is for high humiditie.

The advantages to this cartridge is;

It does not use water.

It does not therefore spill, you can move it about turn it upside down. No more refilling with water. Pure cold air conditioning

Lasts up to 2-3 hours in 36c Deg. and longer the lesser the temperature before changing.

How it works


Coldie Cooling Cartridge.

The cartridge Has been developed via our consistent desire to create an  alternative to conventional cooling.

Coldie as a supplier to the construction  industries for 10 years via our air conditioned hard hats.

Coldie has the answer for portable air conditioning.

All you need is a fridge with a small freezer for the cartridge to freeze.

The cartridge has a non toxic gel that stays frozen for a long time. The cartridge has aluminium tubed, so that the air can flow through and cool. Expected cooling times are between 2-3 hours.

Cartridges can be refrozen hundreds of times.

What you get in this package.

1 x Arctic storm plus unit.

1 x Coldie air conditioned Cartridge.

1 x Arctic water box.

1 x Power chord.

For humid conditions.

Nick Bedford Distributors
 South Australia 

(c) 2020

ABN: 51 687 905 617

T: + 61  08 7285  9678



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