Force Field.

Anti virus, contaminate Air Shield.

 Patents pending

Forcefield Air Shield

The Air Shield.

For this application a portable unit with batteries and fan can push the required amount of air across the front of the face. This is fixed in a hat or helmet or can be worn alone.


           The portable Air shield head gear.

The air is forced through a channelled opening that protrudes above the eyebrows of a person with a Curtin of air blowing down in front of the eyes mouth and nose. The air is filtered via a disposable filter in the vessel situated on the head of the wearer which also carries the fan and batteries, all keeping the air clean from contaminates.

This air provides clean air to breath and acts as a shield against air born particles and germs. The curtin of air expands like a V to cover the eyes, nose and mouth. The shield air sits just in front of the face just touching the nose resulting being able to drink or eat and talk.


           A problem to which this invention is directed is to provide a portable article of headwear that allows for a more comfortable arrangement where air modifying means are involved and also to assist in increasing mobility that a portable air cleaning supply may be sustained in a headwear. Patents pending


NBD is seeking donations to enhance Improvements, R&D, manufacturing time and achieve the best protection with these products to aid customers and workers. This is the future.

Donations of  $195.00au.......

For every $195.00 donation recieve 1 Force field unit.

PORTABLE Air shield gives the same coverage as a face mask but also protects the eyes.

Drink, eat, talk and be protected shopping and retail working.

Deliveries are first in first delivered.

We hold the right to add upgrade modifications to the product as they come to pass.

The unit is powered by rechargeable batteries and can run with the power charger plugged in.

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 South Australia 

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