Construction Hard hat safety Unilite vented with air conditioned insert by NBD. New CA2 2016 model.

RICHARD COURTEMANCHE professor of Concordia university for neuroscience research said the cooling system is "EXCELLENT".

Buyers comments; Installed in the new starwars force awakens stormtrooper helmet. Thank you it works great out here in Las Vegas.


Patent pending.

The light weight NBD cooling system is your ticket to eliminating that fatigue feeling whilst on the job in extreme heat.

How it works.

The system has a small quite inbuilt fan which blows air through tubes that are encased in none toxic iced cartridge.

The iced cartridge is placed in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours to bring the temperature down below 0 Deg. C.

Installation to helmet.

Take out of freezer or esky and place in the helmet.

Switch on fan to blow the cool air over your head.

Batteries not included.

The system comes with charger.

2 hours cooling before changing cartridge.

Averages on testings done 2014-2015
Choose from Yellow, Orange, White, or Red helmets.

Notify colour when purchasing

Watch how it works video at;

What you get.
1 new helmet. Standards approved.
1 already installed NBD cooling system.
1 cooling cartridge.
1 recharger.

1 year warranty on all working parts.

A cool head while you work.

How it will feel.

When you first turn the helmet on it will feel quite cool.

After about 15-20 mins it will not seem so cool, however it is still up to 8 Deg. C. cooler than outside.

Your cognitive skills are functioning at a better rate as the temperature is more to the liking for your Occupational health.( OHS ). Less fatigued than without the NBD cooling. Less chance of causing yourself injury and a more comfortable working environment.

Tests done on just blowing the air over your head

Construction hardhat safety with insert.

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  • Construction Hard hat safety Unilite vented with air conditioned insert and cooling cartridge. New CA2 2016 model.

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